Low UVT Research Tool

AquiSense PearlLab ThinFilm

The PearlLab ThinFilm is a flow-through system specifically designed for low ultraviolet transmittance (UVT) applications. It is ideal for testing fluids with low UVT or applications requiring very high UV Doses.


  • UVinaire is a replaceable LED lamp module available in 255, 265, 275, and 285 nm. Both UVinaires simultaneously treat a thin channel of fluid.
  • Once the PearlLab ThinFilm is connected for treatment, no adjustments are needed when the LED lifetime is passed. UVinaire replacement is simple and quick offering minimal interruption in long-term research tests.
  • Adjusting the treatment level for the PearlLab ThinFilm can be achieved by changing the flow rate of the fluid being treated.